Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wonderful Senior Missionary Couple: Elder and Sister Norton

Eric and Elder John are back to riding bikes. Remember that horrible hill to ride up everyday? So Brother and Sister Norton help them by giving them and their bikes rides to the villages in the morning and picking them up in the evening whenever they can.

Brother and Sister Norton are an AMAZING senior missionary couple that Eric (and the whole Hadder family) has come to love.

Sister Norton wrote me the sweetest message on September 28, 2012:

"Hi there. I have been serving on Guam and Elder Hadder is on our area. I wanted to write home and let you know what a wonderful missionary he is. As transfers just came about we are happy he is staying here and training now, he seems really happy about that too. As the [mission home] car was just returned  back to the mission and he and his companion are on bikes we help by driving them and their bikes to one village for the day and then picking them up in the evening.

Elder Hadder has learned the Chuukese language so fast and we love seeing his eagerness to learn. He has wonderful manners and tries to be upbeat and positive even when things are hard, and we admire that about him.

Elder Hadder spoke in church last Sunday, and he is such a wonderful speaker. He taught the restoration at the last baptism, and has such confidence when he speaks. He is obedient, hardworking and has such a strong testimony. Thank you for raising such a great young man. He has shared with us your conversion story and it has touched our hearts. We pray for the health of you both. We have seen miracles happen in our own family since we have been on our mission, the Lord's tender mercies bless us all.

May your family continue to be blessed.
Elder and Sister Norton"

I wrote her back as soon as I got the email:

"Elder and Sister Norton:

I cannot tell you how much this email touched my heart. I have chemo every Friday for 12 weeks (second round of a different chemo) and the steroid causes insomnia on Friday and Saturday nights. So at 3:45 am I am reading my emails. I was thrilled to see this message, thank you from the bottom of my heart to take the time to write and send pics. As you can imagine I am eager for any news about Eric. We are so proud of his decision to serve. His father almost died Labor Day weekend from complications from Stage 4 Lymphoma, but he rebounded in the ICU and I believe every good thing comes from the blessings of having a missionary in the field. Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this. It made my whole week.

May the Lord bless and keep you. Please feel free to write me any time. I would love to see you when you visit Gilbert someday.

Michelle Hadder"