Sunday, June 30, 2013

Influx of New Missionaries

Most Missionaries feel that their Mission was the best - regardless of where they served. The memories and experiences of those 18 months (young women) or 2 years (young men) last a lifetime.

Of course Eric believes with his whole heart this is the best mission EVER:

He will get the chance to share his beloved mission with many other missionaries, given this announcement:

For the next transfer, March 27, 2013, the Mission is getting 17 new missionaries and a lot are 18 year olds. Currently the Micronesia Guam Mission has 67 missionaries, so the Mission is going to really grow. Eric predicts he will stay on Guam to train as more missionaries. All the Missionaries come through Guam first, so he is excited to hopefully train again. There are 20 new areas open or reopened across the mission as a result of the recent surge in the missionary force. Four of those are in Chuuk. It's exciting to watch the work blossom.