Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Starts Off Great

With the baptism of Brother Patterson and the successful companionship with Brother Luong, the work is really moving forward. At the end of January they taught 44 lessons and had 18 investigators attend Church. In Eric's words, "It honestly was the most amazing week ever. MIRACLES this week."
I can tell from his letters how happy Eric is to be in Guam on the Lord's errand. He has also had opportunities to serve in Church as well, playing the piano:

And leading the music. 

 Eric also gets to teach the Sunday School class for those Church Members who only speak Chuukese. He laughs that new people that come into the class are surprised when this tall white kid stands up and starts teaching the class completely in Chuukese. This is also a great way for Eric to continue to learn the language while bringing others to Christ. He has never been happier.