Saturday, June 22, 2013

December letter from Eric


I love getting your emails. Please tell Bishop Walker that I love him very much. He has always been there for me. Oh, can you send me Brother Coombs' address so I can write him too? I am so happy with all the help that I have been given. So many people have reached out to me, to help me in this time, and I am so very blessed that the Lord has helped me to stay focused and to not lose hope in things. I have been struggling very hard lately with all that has been happening, it has been extremely hard to stay on track, but to hear that so many people are supporting and helping me, really gives me a new perspective to everything, and helps me to want to continue to strive hard...It wouldn't be so hard if I didn't have such a drive to get a lot accomplished. I want to be as effective as possible [and when we have non-member related challenges] it just really bogs me down. 

I am so excited to use everything that I have learned in my mission for my life. I have learned how to get things done and I feel bad if it doesn't get done (obviously that is not 100% of the time). But on the Lord's errand, I will do my very best. 

Ai famini a feinfeino chok. U tongei ai famini*

Love, Elder Hadder" 

*translates to "My family is eternal. I love my family."

Chuukese children in the Barrigada Ward