Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baptism of Brother Springer

Around the Thanksgiving holiday, Eric was so happy to have the opportunity to teach  Brother Sean Springer, a Navy serviceman stationed on Guam. Brother Springer has been attending church, and had formal lessons with the Elders, and then accepted Eric's invitation to be baptized. Eric was honored to perform the baptism, and he said it was BEAUTIFUL. He also asked Eric to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost (the ordinance performed after baptism). It was Eric's first time to perform this ordinance, and so Brother Springer will always be special to him for that honor.

Elder Hadder, friend, Elder John and Brother Springer
Eric had this to say "Whenever you are going through the hardest times of your mission, the Lord will allow you to receive tender mercies. How right Bishop Dana (his local bishop) was to tell me this. Sean has been one of the most inspiring parts of my mission so far. I can honestly say that I love him. I feel the Savior in my thoughts and heart when I look and talk with Sean. I know we will be lifelong friends." Brother Springer was brave in his choice to follow his heart and join the Church. He has overcome obstacles to be such a strong person at a young age. We are proud of his decision and know that there will be many along his life's path to help him along the way.