Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trying to Learn Pohnpiean

Prior to his mission, Eric was not a great student of foreign languages. Despite graduating with honors in high school, it was Spanish that kept him from being awarded a scholarship. Give him a math problem (calculus, differential equations, linear algebra) and he gets the top one or two grades at ASU's Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering. Languages..... no. So a foreign mission was exciting but scary because learning a language is hard for Eric. It has been a real testimony builder to Eric and us that he has learned Chuukese and is able to teach teach whole lessons and carry on in depth conversations in the language.

Encouraged by his new-found ability, when the Missionaries encountered a family that only spoke Pohnpeian, Eric felt impressed to try to learn as much as he could to teach them the gospel.

As he has diligently studied the language, he has been able to speak a little to the family. As a result, this wonderful family of 7 have opened up to the Missionaries and are having discussions about the gospel. The whole District fasted and prayed for this family.

Eric relates a story about when he attended the baptism of a 19 year old Pohnpeian lady. Her father was asking questions in Pohnpeian and Eric was answering him in English. He understood the father and he said "it was super crazy, because I don't know Pohnpeian. But the Holy Ghost needed me at that moment to help, so I understood. We have since gone over and I had to have others translate. But that was an amazing day."