Saturday, June 22, 2013

Called to Train Elder Luong

Right around Christmas 2012, Eric had his 5th transfer and he was called to be a trainer again. Eric was so excited to have the privilege to train again.It is such a unique opportunity because normally each morning you have 1 hour of personal study time, 1 hour of companion study, and half an hour of language training. But when you train, you get 1 hour of personal study, 2 hours of companion study, and 1 hour of language study. This means for at least 9 months of his mission, Eric has had 4 hours each morning of studies (except Sundays and Mondays). 

This time he was assigned to train Elder Luong: 

Elder Luong and Elder Hadder

 Elder Luong is from California and he is Vietnamese. He speaks excellent English, but you can tell it's his second language.
Training Meeting

Eric expressed his love for his Mission President: "He told me yesterday that he put your name, and Dad's name in the Temple. He is sooo amazing. Please at some point write him or call him or something and express your love. He has been so helpful to me. I truly love him. I have been trying really hard to remember to give thankful prayers and asking the Lord and other missionaries for help frequently. [The Mission President] has honestly become my friend. I am honored to work for him and to have his trust to have trained two of his missionaries, and be a district leader for him. It makes me want to be the best I can be."