Saturday, June 22, 2013

Called as a District Leader

For his 4th transfer, Eric was called as a District Leader in Guam, along with training Elder John. This was the letter we received at home from the Mission President:

"November 14, 2012

I am pleased to extend to you a call as District Leader in the Guam South District of the Guam Zone in the Micronesia Guam Mission. I am grateful for your obedience, hard work and the respect you have earned from your fellow missionaries. I look forward to your service in this very important assignment. District Leaders play a vital role in training missionaries and creating a positive, spiritual atmosphere in the mission. Please remember that all leadership assignments are callings to serve and minister to others, and not for your personal gain or reputation. 

You will be expected to move the missionary work forward in your district by: 
*Your example in personal study of the scriptures, obedience and hard work.
*Inviting others to come unto Christ, by carrying a full proselyting load in your assigned area.
*Supervising, teaching, inspiring and strengthening the faith of the missionaries in your district. 
*Planning and conducting weekly district meetings, according to the instructions in Preach My Gospel.
*Conducting thorough baptismal interviews of investigators taught by missionaries in your district, including the zone leaders. 

Continue to be obedient, humble, and diligent in the work. The Lord expects you to maintain the highest standards of missionary conduct, and to continue to be exemplary in your own efforts to invite others to come unto Christ, particularly in your own proselyting area. Establish and maintain positive, cooperative and close relationships between you, the missionaries in your district, and local priesthood leaders. Local priesthood leaders and members are an essential key to our success to "invite others to come unto Christ, and remain steadfast in Christ to the end." Be a leader in every sense of the word. Be resolute and committed to following all rules and directions contained in the Missionary Handbook and Preach My Gospel. Exemplify teaching by the Spirit with boldness and conviction. 

May the Lord bless you as you magnify this new assignment and continue to serve Him with all your heart, might, mind and strength. 

Stephen F. Mecham
President, Micronesia Guam Mission"

The Southern District covers the villages of Yona and Asan and every village south of those.

The village names are derived from the Chamorros, the indigenous people to Guam. With the exception of Santa Rita, the village names are derived from Chomorron words:

Asan - scarce or rare
Piti- to hurt or ache
Santa Rita- youngest village in Guam
Agat- could be derived from Chomorron word for the Mariana crow that makes the sound of "aga"or from the Chomorro word blood

Umatac- to carry something on the back or a heavy load on the shoulders
Merizo- the juvenile rabbit fish that this village is known for having
Inarajan- the large woven coconut-leaf basket this village is known for making
Talofofo- cliffs or bubbling springs. A beautiful tourist attraction is Talofofo Falls.
Yona- to possess something material, personal or spiritual

To learn more about the beautiful villages of Guam, click here for the website link to Guampedia.