Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baptism of Steven Engkichy November 3, 2012

Eric has been continuing to teach the Engkichy family. Their family is like his second family, only located in Guam. He loves them all. The missionary lessons were all in Chuukese, and Eric said it was so amazing to him that when Steven talked to him and told him stories and funny things in Chuukese he understood him. Like most languages, you don't translate word for word, instead you translate an idea. What a great learning experience.

With his love for the whole Engkichy family, Eric was honored to baptize Stephen Engichy. 

Eric and Elder John are talking to Steven about serving a mission. What a blessing that would be for Steven and his whole family. They have been picking Steven up to go with them they teach others the gospel so that Steven can learn and have that experience.