Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Learning to be Companions

Elders Hadder and Butler

I like this picture of Eric and Elder Butler - they seem so happy to be in Guam on their mission. Eric has not been a companion with Elder Butler - but all the Missionaries try to support each other and sometimes you make life long friends.

Sometimes your missionary companion is the one that inspires you, the one that keeps you engaged in the work, and helps and blesses your life and those around him. And sometimes.... he isn't. Eric has seen great examples of both kinds of companions. It is important to go on a mission for the right reason: to serve others and bring them closer to Christ. It isn't a time to see the world or think you will have an "easy" life for two years. Being a Missionary is actual hard work, and very disappointing at times and frustrating, and things never never go as you planned. But it is so worth everything when you reach that one person that has been waiting to hear the gospel. The experience is priceless.

District leaders (the area you are serving) and Zone leaders (all the areas that make up a Zone) are tasked with helping the missionaries do the work and learn to be companions. Sometimes they have to intervene, especially if there is a language barrier and the other Missionary has decided the work is too hard. All you can do in that situation is to try your best to do the work and not get discouraged yourself. It is both the BEST two years and the HARDEST two years of your life. But what an amazing experience.....Oh, and send more peanut butter and beef jerky please.

District Meeting September 2011