Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baptism of Brother Patterson

Eric was delighted to teach Brother Patterson, a former 7th Day Adventist. Here is the story in Eric's words:

"We have been teaching Brother Patterson. And yesterday I felt soooo strongly to just invite him in the middle of the lesson to be baptized on January 26th. In the past he has always said no. But this time he said 'If you would have said any other day, I would have said no. But today when I was driving over here I had a flash vision of myself being baptized on that day. I don't know why that day, but I told myself if they ask me for the 26th I will say yes.' SO HE TOTALLY ACCEPTED. YEAH"

This is a 'the Church is true' moment. It also tells you that you are in tune with the Spirit and trusted it to ask him.

Brother Patterson chose an ocean baptism. Note the outdoor area where they gathered for the talk before the baptism ordinance.


 Eric was honored to speak at the baptism:

Then Eric was able to baptize Brother Patterson in the ocean. The baptism was held right at Sunset - it was so beautiful:
Eric was so excited and honored to have the privilege to Baptize Brother Patterson