Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love the People

There is a saying that you love those whom you serve. Eric has grown to love the local people. 

They have taught Eric, a relatively privileged young man from the United States, lessons about being happy. Although many he has taught have little and live in very modest homes, he has met many upbeat and positive people. Money makes things easier, but there are many unhappy rich people. Sister Norton put it so well: "We have learned so much since serving here and falling in love with the Micronesian people. They don't look at you to see what kind of shores or clothes you have, they just look into your eyes and see your heart. They 'smile with their eyes'."

  If we can understand that happiness isn't measured in material things, we will nurture our relationships with each other and find contentment that can't be taken from us.

Men are that they may have joy. Click here to find out more about the Plan of Salvation.