Saturday, December 1, 2012

First Time Speaking Chuukese (Video)

Elder Kata has been working very hard to teach Eric to speak Chuukese. When the two Elders teach lessons, if it is in English, Eric teaches about 80% of it and when it's Chuukese, Elder Kata teaches about 80% of those. But Eric is working hard at mastering the language. He loves it and the people he serves.

I asked him to send a video with him reading Chuukese so we can see the words with the pronunciation:

Raining in Guam (Video)

Guam is a very wet place, with rain falling 300 days out of the year! Eric's lungs have been having trouble adjusting from the dry heat of Arizona to the dense rainy atmosphere in Guam. The doctors say his lungs will adjust, but in the meantime he has a "frog" voice that sounds a little weak. You can hear it has gotten better from this video that Eric took from his window at his home in Guam documenting the rain. He said when it rains really hard on Guam they call it BMW - baby making weather. 


Guam in July and a Letter Home

Eric has been serving on the island of Guam. His first companion was a native, Elder Kata:


The two get along very well and are really moving the work forward. Elder Kata seems to have a great sense of humor:

One Sacrament they had 8 investigators attend! Eric was so happy, as all were Young Women age and the subject that service was on the Young Woman's program and camp. Elder Kata is the one who gave Eric the gift of the Chuukese language. They work on it everyday for four hours, and Eric says it is a difficult language because it is mostly spoken and the rules of grammar conflict with English.

Eric loves Guam as a beautiful island where he can find many opportunities to serve. He is riding a bike and getting healthier and stronger.

Here is a letter from Eric in late July:

"The families here are amazing! This Sunday we had 13 investigators at church!! The work here is definitely going strong! I am getting stronger every day riding the bikes, and doing the workouts in the morning. This morning Elder Kata and I did service helping a member family with their yard work for 3 hours! They have been so super kind to us, and helping us out all the time with food and supplies. They are truly amazing, so we offered to help with the yard. The work was using machetes to cut down palm fronds and other "islander work". It was hot, but no worries, because it rained half way through, a nice cool off break :0) GUAM IS AMAZING!! I am glad you have been able to go to chruch. Sundays are by far my favorite day. We work so so hard throughout the day, and to see all that work validated by seeing people go to church and partaking of the so many blessings that come from the church, makes all the work and effort totally worth it. I have seen people experience the Holy Ghost for the first time in their life, and what a blessing it is to see the change in someone when they become to know their God, and Savior. It's one of the most fulfilling endeavors tha I have ever done. So to know that you are also getting those blessings is really important to me!

I have not got homesick, nor do I. But there was one time in the MTC when we were talking about trials and people in our lives who we know have gone through a hard time. I totally broke down talking about Dad and you. As well as how much Bryanna and I have grown through the experience. But besides that, I have been doing really well!

GO AMERICA! I love the Olympics so much, and am sad to miss them. But I am doing better things. I love remembering how Bry and I would say "America!" [in a certain tone]. That was really fun, and random/silly. I'm super looking forward to receiving the packae, and especially the letter from Bry! Tell Aaron Allen to write me. I miss talking to him. I love talking to Elder Jacob Dargie - it is fun and enlightening. OH, in the package could you send some CDs with music? Some really good Church music? I am craving it. We have  portable DVD players for training DVDs. But we can use them for music in the mornings and at nights.

I love you all so very much, and am extremely excited to tell you about all the awesome things here on Guam. Love you vall very much!! Tell Max he is the best! And when I get back I will play volleyball with him, and we will be really good together! I love volleyball.

Love, Elder Hadder"