Saturday, May 4, 2013

Online Chatting and Mission Plaque Picture

We have figured out that Sunday night in Arizona is Monday afternoon for Eric in Guam. With Monday as his P-day, we are able to "chat" online if we happen to be online at the same time. So I write a letter to Eric for him to read and then I camp out online Sunday night and hope to catch him. This has been such a gift to have this time with him, no matter how small. To be able to ask questions and get answers and just "visit" together- it has taken some of the sting out of having him gone for so long. I requested that Eric send some nice pictures for his Mission plaque in the Ward hallway. Here are the ones he sent me:

He had to borrow a Member's coat, because his suits are locked up in the Mission home. No need to wear a suit with the weather in Guam! And no Temple, so short sleeved white shirts are acceptable with durable dress pants and crocs or heavy shoes. I think Eric looks amazing! We picked the first picture for his Mission plaque, and it hangs in the Ward building waiting his return. Sometimes when I am at Church I will walk down the hall and see his picture, smiling back at me. And my pangs of missing him are a little less, knowing he is happy and is serving and doing exactly what he wants to be doing with his life. We are so proud of you, Elder Hadder!