Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Letter Home August 26, 2011

"Sorry today was a really weird day. It was a Zone P-day. They always happen after a transfer (at least here on Guam). SO by that last statement you can probably deduce that I am still on Guam. This was to be expected, because I am in the training phase.

That is cool Dad got a high tech phone. LUCKY.

Oh, I am doing GREAT. Not hurt or sick or anything. I now weigh (a healthy number) with all my proselyting clothes on. We have had a car for the last week and a half because the lady who sells the older cars was off the island on vacation for a week. So we are using an old car for the moment. But this will come to an end soon, and we will go back to the bikes. Well, I got your packages numbers 2 and 3. They both came in today.

I have not written Bryanna back yet, because well I just got the letter today. So next Monday I will send her my reply. I sent the picture card last Monday, so it should be there soon.

The weather here is something else. I thought it was rainy before..oh I was wrong. It POURS daily now, and we will soon lose our car, so we are going to be in misery soon. But hey, the more hours and doors I knock on in the rain... the ...well you know.

I love you very much Mom. I am so sorry that you were upset on account that I wasn't able to get on earlier today. I know you will get through Chemo well this last time. You start it on Thursday, so I will fast on Friday (your Thursday). So know you will be watched over and protected. Both you and Dad have the strength and power to overcome your respective cancers. I know it.

There will be an ocean baptism on Saturday, August 25, 2012, and I will get to be a witness :0) I am soooo excited for it. His name is Frances. It will be so amazing.

Well I love you all very much.

BTW Bryanna, thank you so very much for your choice to respect and keep the Sabbath Day holy by your choice of playing soccer for a non-Sunday team. You are opening the opportunity for blessings.

Elder Hadder"