Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Baptism: Savesea Engkichy

On September 15, 2012, Eric baptized Savesea, a 19 year old young lady that he taught. He has come to love her and her entire family. Her mom is very wonderful to Eric. He was so happy and excited. He hopes to be life long friends with her and her sweet family that he has come to love.

         Brother Norton, Eric, Savesea, Elder Kata and Sister Norton

                 Her sister got baptized by Elder Norton

Savesea is very special because she is Eric's first non-family member baptism and he got to teach her and watch her grow in the gospel. Her family dynamics are not ideal and sometimes her family is in physical danger. They fled from the offending family member, only to fear his return. Normally baptisms are held on Saturdays, but for some reason the baptistry was not available. So the baptism was held on a Friday night. It just so happens that Friday that the family member they had run from decided to show up drunk with some of his friends to cause trouble for the family. But no one was at their home, because all had attended Savesea's baptism! Eric said "The Lord took special care of this family. Welcoming a member into His fold, as well as protecting the rest. It just shows that the Lord DOES know us individually. He honestly is aware." Eric says his life has forever been changed by the love he feels for this family. Watching them overcome the trials of abusive family members and poverty to grasp the gospel. Watching their lives change for the better - he says it has been a very humbling experience. I think he will always love this family and have tender memories of his time with them.