Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Funny Stories for a Best Friend

Eric and Bryanna are brother and sister by birth, best friends by choice.

Eric goes out of his way to remember funny or amusing incidents and tell Bryanna the stories. In August 2012 he wrote home these two stories for Bryanna.

"hahaha, OK this is really funny. We walked into a convenience store to buy water and there was a Korean teller. He looked at us and said "Oh, you Mormons". We put on our missionary faces and said "Well, yes, however our actual name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", and he goes "Oh Mormons....plenty wives". We laughed so hard and tried our best to fix his assumption of us."

"We also have an investigator who has five kids, all with a different mom. He says "She no good. I come home, house not clean, no food on table, so I run away." Eric and Elder Kata tried their best to explain why that wasn't the right thing to do. Not sure they succeeded.

Eric also told Bryanna that they were teaching someone from the Marshall Islands and he lives in the jungle out of an old broken down bus - and he is happy. And there is an operating McDonalds out of an old shipping container! Not sure I want to eat there.