Thursday, May 9, 2013

A note home and President Mecham

Eric says the language is hard, but he is trying his hardest to learn it well. He loved getting Bryanna's senior picture and one from Max. Max loves Pokémon, and we decided that Eric's evolved form was PikaCHUUK. Hey, we like bad puns.

We have been sending Eric lots of stuff in the mail, because we can use the flat "if it fits it ships" postage. The big box is only $15 and we like to stuff it full. I send stuff for his companion Elder Kata too. Eric said he kept pulling things out of the box and giving it to Elder Kata and he said "Fakkun?" which means Really? in Chuukese. Eric gave Elder Kata his suitcase to use. We can always buy Eric another one. Eric's Mission President pulled him aside and told him he put in Eric's name, my name and Dad's name into the Temple. What a wonderful man is President Mecham! Eric loves him and so do we for all the tender care he has shown Eric and all the missionaries in his stewardship. Thank you President Mecham.