Saturday, May 4, 2013

Food on Guam

The Elders are "spoiled" on Guam, because there are many yummy things to eat. Eric reports that he is eating a lot of coconuts, bananas, rice, chicken, pork, apples, bread, peanut butter, jelly, cereal and a lot of water! Eric says there are all types of coconut trees and different types of coconuts. And they taste differently too. Some are wonderful and some are gross! I never thought of that, as all the coconuts I have at the store are all alike and I have only tasted one "type" of coconut. There are many kind people who have helped feed the Elders. As parents, we are so grateful for those people. It has made us be more aware of the Missionaries that serve in our Ward boundaries. We try to sign up to feed them as often as we can. It is a way to pay it forward for the kindness of the Guam people to our son as he serves.

GIFT HINT: Send Eric peanut butter and beef jerky! He loves it, they ship easily, and have a long shelf life. Because most things must be shipped to Guam, the prices can be quite high. As a splurge treat, Eric may buy a gallon of milk for $8 (in Arizona we pay about $1.89 on sale) and a gallon of fresh orange juice is $10 EXPENSIVE

This is a picture of a fruit called pandanus, which flowers effortlessly in Micronesia. Because of its distinctive flavor, it is used to flavor drinks and other items, such as ice cream.

Not sure if this guy is for eating - he sure looks like he can rule the road. Wild!

Breadfruit is a staple on Guam. Eric loves the way it tastes and he has had lots of opportunity to eat it.