Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hard Work in Paradise

Serving in Guam is like serving in paradise. The tropical plants, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, gently flowing ocean, abundant avocados and's a very special place. But missionary work is just that....WORK. Here are some of Eric's stories:

"I have countless times looked around and have found myself to be the only white person, speaking a different language, claiming that there is a prophet on the Earth, while sweating like crazy, or raining on me, and also being a foot taller than everyone thought you had an awkward moment."

"It's raining, we walk up to knock on a house (this specific area is extremely Catholic), so we knock on the answer...knock answer. Then this car drives by us and the driver yells out of the car 'you guys worship the Devil', then he speeds off. No one opened their doors that day."

"So as I have said before, people here will make up so many excuses to turn us away; 'I'm busy', or send their kids to say 'My parents are sleeping', or 'I'm Catholic' or 'I don't care', not even answer the door, or as we walk up they turn off the TV and hide, answer the door in a different language (if they speak Chuukese we respond - then they say in English that they are too busy) and a lot of other things. Well one day, we had a different "no". As we were knocking on random doors, we came up to a house and knocked. Then the occupants began making really nasty noises for us to hear and yelling gross things. It was definitively unique, but they did what they were trying to do. We turned around and walked away."