Monday, January 6, 2014

Turn Your Circle Inside Out

Sister Norton, one of the faithful and wonderful senior missionaries serving on Guam, wrote an insightful email about her experiences there:

"We see the Lord's hand each day in the lives of the people here that we have come to love so much.

 They are humble, many without a bed to sleep on. Many without a car and so many living in poverty. But they love the Lord and they are happy. They look upon a person's heart and see their spirit instead of looking to see what kind of shoes or purse or dress, etc. that is being worn. It is so refreshing to know they see beyond the outward appearance and see into the heart. I have learned so much much. It will be a shock for us to go back to the 'world' where wealth and earthly possessions are such a focus for many. Our perspectives have been changed so much by this mission experience :) I am forever grateful and humble.

In [a Church meeting] a sister shared about hearing from a friend who had moved and that in her new ward she was happy to have found a circle of friends. She spoke of how when we have a circle our backs are facing everyone that is not in the circle. 
 She felt we should turn around and look outward, befriending, serving and loving others as Christ would have us do. I loved that. Always turning outward to see who may need our friendship and love."

How grateful we are for those couples like President and Sister Mecham, and Brother and Sister Norton, who have chosen in their later years to forgo the classic notion of retirement and instead to embark on a mission and serve others. The Church is in need of capable loving couples who can bring a mature level of understanding and love to the mission field. Want to turn your circle inside out? Click Senior Missionaries to learn more about the blessings of serving a senior mission and the opportunities available.