Monday, January 6, 2014

October Baptisms

General Conference is a wonderful time to members (and anyone else who is interested) to listen to our leaders give us counsel and inspiration. Eric said "I am enjoying my mission a lot. I have decided to rededicate myself to the work. That one talk by Elder Dube* really hit me hard. I know I have had an amazingly blessed mission. But I need to not look back, there is still a whole lot of work for me to do and accomplish here. Thus I need to learn not to look back."

Eric had an opportunity to teach a Chuukese man named Ivern Masauo. Since he only speaks Chuukese, and Eric's companion does not, Eric was tasked with teaching the lessons. This was his second pure Chuukese experience. Although his companion Elder Eyre couldn't help teach the lessons, he was amazing in his attitude to just attend and be a part of the process. Like he said, if there is someone willing to be taught, I am willing to be there. What a wonderful guy he is. Eric was very happy to be able to baptize and confirm him a member of the Church. Eric has worked hard on his Chuukese and said "even though I have never been to Chuuk, I was needed here (on Guam) to help him hear and learn the gospel in his own tongue."

During October 2013 Eric worked closely with a man who had fallen away from the Church and had at some point been ex-communicated. But the man has been coming back to Church and trying his hardest. Eric was proud of his dedication to get back on the right track. Eric got a call from him that he was approved to be re-baptized and asked Eric to perform the ordinance. Eric said he felt so honored and humbled to baptize him. He remarked that he will always have a place in his heart for this brother.

Eric was especially touched by the talk "Look Ahead and Believe" by Elder Edward Dube.