Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Chance to Use Chuukese

In October 2013, Eric was excited to attend a Chuukese wedding - one of the very first weddings he has ever attended. He was asked to speak at the wedding. This is quite an honor, and Eric was nervous about his language skills. But he was able to find the right words in Chuukese to express his thoughts on eternal marriage and how the couple was fulfilling a commandment of God. Other leaders of different churches attended as well, and another leader spoke at the wedding. Eric was surprised to hear his talk mentioned in a positive way in a talk by one of those leaders. Eric was grateful that he was able to be there and have the ability to participate. At the reception, he was invited to sit at the wedding table (an honor in the Chuukese tradition) and he was able to speak to others not of our faith. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience.