Monday, January 6, 2014

116 is the Magic Number

Leadership Council September 2013

 "Dear Family, 

We have so much more work to be done here. I am just glad that I have been able to work here, and with amazing people. This week was amazing. For the whole mission we had 116 baptisms. It was absolutely amazing. I was so proud of our Zone. 

We set records. 18 baptisms in Guam alone, and everyone was working super hard to achieve the impossible. We beat our old record by 56. ALMOST DOUBLE. The Lord has poured out his blessings here."

President Mecham, the Mission President, promised to write President Thomas S. Monson if the Mission met its goal. True to his promise, he wrote the prophet and he wrote back. Eric has a treasured copy in Guam that he will bring back when he returns. I will post a picture of it below as soon as I get it: