Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sending Love to Sister Sam

Going through advanced cancer: the shock, the surgery, the chemotherapy, the radiation, is an  experience that cannot be truly understood unless you have taken the same path. While it is not an experience you wanted to have, or would wish on anyone, when you have opportunities to serve others who are walking that same road, you jump at the chance.  Eric knew I felt this way, and I got a an email from him about Sister Sam whom Eric described as "an amazingly sweet, kind and loving woman". Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she was going through her second round of chemo when Eric met her. Her hair was falling out, and she had very little money. She was currently using a dish rag to cover her head. Eric remembered that I had scarves and other coverings that I used to cover my head as all my hair fell out during chemo. He told me that even in her poverty, Sister Sam took care of Eric and his companion. Every time they visited her, she always gave them something to take home. He loves this lady, and wondered if I would send her the scarves and my favorite hat that I had used.

I am delighted to help Eric in any way I can on his mission, but this was a request where I felt I might really be able to help.  I sent the hat and scarves, along with an inspiration T-shirt about fighting cancer, and some fragrant lotions. Eric went to visit her and sent these pictures, with her permission.

Her sweet smile made me so happy. I was so grateful to help a sister in the gospel, a sister in need. Prayers out to her for her complete recovery.