Monday, February 17, 2014

A Different Family Home Evening

Monday night is typically the night for Family Home Evening*: a night that our Church leaders have asked members to set aside to spend with their families. It's a time for teaching spiritual matters in the home, as well as serving others and just spending quality time together. Family Home Evenings strengthen the family.

The first Monday that Eric spend with Elder Gubler, they found a family that was having a very different night than Family Home Evening. As they were walking, they came across a man drunk and still drinking alcohol as he sat on his front porch. They approached this man to speak with him. They found out he was married with several beautiful children. They felt impressed to tell the man that his children were looking up to him. Then Elder Gubler made a bold request: he asked if he could pour out the man's alcoholic drink. He agreed, and Elder Gubler poured it out. They stopped by again the next night, and the man welcomed them in, and they had an amazing lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel.  They dropped by again on Thursday, and had a lesson with the family about the gospel of Jesus Christ. On Saturday, they had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation.  This sweet family came to Church that Sunday, and afterwards they had a lesson with Eric and Elder Gubler about the Sacrament. The next week the man shared with them that the previous Sunday he had prayed and asked God to help guide him and direct his life - he was sad and needed help. He said the very next day the missionaries showed up and poured out his drink. He said he cried later that night, and shared that from that night on, he has not drunk any alcohol. When his children asked for ice cream over the weekend, he was able to buy it for them because he had not spent all his extra money on alcohol. He said this made him so happy to be able to say yes. He had not bought his children ice cream in a long time. It made Eric and Elder Gubler so joyous to see the love of the Savior guide them to this man's home that Monday evening. They hope that Monday nights for this family will now be Family Home Evenings.

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