Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Letter from Elder Hadder

Dear Mom and rest of family: 

I love it here. The Spirit is so strong - it's crazy. There are seven Micronesia-Guam missionaries, and one going to Fiji. All eight of us are in a district together. It's crazy the type of love that is here. I like my companion. He has a lot of spiritual stuff to say. I saw and talked to Elder Blake Schumacher today - that was cool to see him. We had an amazing experience today. There were three people who had questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We all spent a total of two hours talking to these people. The Spirit was so strong. The first was a Japanese man who was brilliant (not a shocker there). His discussion was based off principles and was kinda awkward for me. The second guy, Carlo, was my favorite. He had lost his wife six years ago, and his fifth child lived only three days after birth. The Spirit was so sweet when an Elder shared with Carlo that he lost his sister when she was only four months old. The Elder then testified to Carlo that he knew he would see his sister again. That testimony was really strong to me. 

I love you, Mom and Dad so very much. I also love Bryanna and Max a whole bunch. I have a strong feeling to let Aaron know that he needs to serve. I am learning so much and it's my first day. He would benefit greatly here. I can only write on my "P" days* and while at the MTC that falls on Wednesdays. So I will write for sure the next two Wednesdays, then I'll be in Guam. :0) I love and miss everyone already. Please write me and let me know how things are going back at home. Sorry if it's hard to read. Let me know, that way I will know to print from then on. And again, love y'all. 

Elder Eric Hadder 

*Note:  "P" day is Preparation-day - one day set aside each week during a mission to take care of the missionary's personal needs, such as laundry, cleaning, haircuts, writing home, and exercise. Missionaries at the MTC are also supposed to attend the Provo Temple on their P-day. Missionaries are assigned specific duties as part of their P-day service, which might include things like cleaning bathrooms, dorm buildings, the grounds, and other buildings. P-day ends at the beginning of the dinner hour. The rest of the time on a mission is spent in service to others.