Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Email from Elder Hadder

Eric unexpectedly sent me a short email on Wednesday June 27, 2012!

"Hey Mom and all other family :0)

I am having so much fun here at the MTC. I have ran into Blake Shumacher, as well as Ricky van Neck. Those are the only two people I know here, besides all the new friends I have made. OK so something super super awesome just happened this last Tuesday the 26th of June. We had a special Devotional, with 10 Apostles and most of the Quorum of the Seventy First Presidency. I will write them all down in my letter that I write home, because I only get 30 minutes to email. So I will have more in depth later. But I love getting letters - as well as Dear Elders - they really make my day :0) Thank you. And yes, I got your package. It was awesome and way sweet.....real quick before I run out of time, I love you all very much. Thank you for all your support to me on this mission. Please love each other, and lift each other up. I love and miss you all. I try not to think of home, otherwise I get a bit depressed. You are all all very amazing and wonderful people. I pray for you every night, each individually, and hey, I'm an Elder - so you know that has extra power ;) I love you all, and thanks again for your support and letters :0)  

Elder Hadder"