Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Letter!

Dear Mom: 

I love you so much. I miss you and my family a whole lot. Where to start... I went to the Temple this morning. That was an amazing experience, super beautiful. I have come so much closer to God in this short week here. I have been able to use my experiences with your and Dad's cancer so many times to bring the Spirit to the investigators. The first day we got here, and everyday afterwards, we have been teaching people. 

My companion is Elder Cook, and he has been called as the District Leader. So it has been fun doing all the little extra things so that he can fully do his calling. I have been called as a Senior Companion, so there is just a little bit of added responsibility but nothing big at all. I hear you frogged*. That is so awesome, we haven't heard you frog in forever. Thank you so much for supporting Ashlee**. That was awesome of you. Please ask Jacob Reed what his mailing address is. Thank Jacob Reed and Brother Carl Seggie for their emails through "Dear Elder", they were way uplifting. 

My teachers are are Brother Austin and Sister Hoopes. I love them both - different teaching styles - but both are extremely spiritual and amazing. Please tell Dad, Bryanna, and Max that I love them so very much ( and anyone else who writes me ). Mail time is one of the best parts of the day. I mentioned earlier that my P-day is Wednesday, so I can only write on Wednesdays. 

How is Aaron doing? Please have him use "Dear Elder" and write me. I have so much to tell him. 

Mom and Dad, I know this Church is true. I have gained such a strong testimony in Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost is real and does help us in our every day. Make sure to email me any questions. OH Please use "Dear Elder" because I can only check my email on Wednesdays, but "Dear Elders" are printed off daily (except for weekends). I love you all. 

Elder Hadder 

*Frogging is the name our family calls a certain laugh that I do (Michelle) very rarely that makes this very strange noise in my throat. It is like air escaping and it sounds just like a frog croaking. I only do it when I am so overcome with laughter. It hurts! But it always make everyone bust up laughing because it sounds so funny. It's another weird silly Mom thing. 

** Ashlee Nichol is a wonderful friend of Eric's from high school that is reporting to her mission end of June (very soon) to the Scotland/Ireland Mission. We sure love Ashlee and wish her the best.