Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Real "Betel" Juice

A tradition of the Pacific Islands is chewing a podlike substance called betel nut.

The islanders chew it and it is highly addictive. It will turn your mouth red, your teeth black, and causes cancer of the mouth.
But on the Islands it is given to children to help with teething pain and then as adults they take a piece of cigarette and put it inside it and then chew it. It is a HUGE problem and unfortunately it grows wild on the trees so it is free and easy to get. Someone can work so hard to give it up and then family members give it to them or it literally grows free on trees. Unfortunately, it so easy to fall back into bad habits.

Every culture has its bad habits - the Western world has alcohol and designer drugs. Being addicted to a substance robs you of your ability to choose (free will or agency). Following rules to avoid addictive substances may sound like a restriction, but in actuality it is keeping you free. Just another reason why bringing the gospel to all parts of the world is so important.