Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ai Tong Mgonuk I Nei We!

On Saturday, May 4th, the postman rang our doorbell. Max went to the door, and returned with a curious object:

As soon as I saw "GUAM" on the coconut, I knew it was a Mother's Day present from Eric. I immediately burst into tears. I was so excited and happy that my son remembered me from across the globe and took the time to do something special for me. A special thank you to Brother Norton for painting the Guam side - beautiful. I later learned that Elder John, a Chuukese missionary serving with Eric, was amused by this project. He didn't understand what all the fuss was about coconuts. Even after explaining that coconuts aren't as plentiful in the United States as they are on Guam, he still looked dubious. He still probably thought the whole thing was silly.

But not silly to me. This unique present sits in the living room in a place where I can see it easily. Ai Tong Mgonuk I Nei We - Happy Mother's Day to me indeed.