Sunday, July 8, 2012

Safely Arrived at Guam

So those of you who know me well know I play Rock Band pretty much every chance I get. It is so fun for me - such a stress reliever - -  and I play with awesome people like Aaron Allen (Double A) and Alex Danayan, our very talented friend from Canada that is the best RB guitarist I have ever seen, bar none. So we were playing (and destroying the records, I must say with gold starts and double digit rankings on the PS3 leaderboard) when my cell phone rang. I yelled at Darrell to grab the phone, but he he didn't recognize the number at all. I have learned this may be a good thing, so I yelled "give me the phone" between singing. And answered it to hear a wonderful voice on the line: "This is President Meacham from the Micronesia Guam Mission letting you know your son arrived here safely. He will be meeting his Companion in a few minutes and tomorrow he will be given his assignment. He will email you on Monday with news." Well I couldn't thank the man enough for his kind phone call. I was so touched that he would take the time to call each parent of the Missionaries entrusted to his care. I was thrilled to speak to the man I have never met before to whom I trust to take care of my precious son. This time it didn't make me sad (because it was about Eric, but not Eric himself), and I played the rest of the night randomly blurting out "Oh my gosh, Eric's Mission President just called". Which about the fifteenth time was met with laughter from everyone. I just couldn't get over it.

Thanks Double A and Sephimour 777 (Alex Danayan) for making Mamma Hadder happy and playing Rock Band with me. Eric's friends have been very wonderful to me while he has been gone (and always) and I just love them.