Monday, July 23, 2012

An Update From Eric

We were so happy to hear from Eric this Sunday night (which is actually Monday night for him) to hear how he is doing on his mission. Above is the map of Guam. Eric is assigned to the villages of Talofofo and Yona and rides a bike for transportation. Below is his latest letter:

Dearest Mom;   (<-- building brownie points)

Email is great, just as letters. But I cant respond to anyone's emails unless they are family. So I prefer the family to email, and the rest of all those AWESOME PEOPLE OUT THERE who want to write me, to do so in a written letter. I got a letter From Sister Ashlee Nicoll from England!! Oh, and Sister Britney Morgan also wrote me :) so I'll have to respond to those next week.

I got your package in the mail, thank you so very much, I felt so loved :) Today I sent the pictures. So I sent them around 1:00PM 7/23/2012 Guam time. So we will see how long it takes to get there.

I am so so sorry to here about you in your Chemo pursuits*. I love you very much, and I pray for you and the family every single night. It makes me very uneasy knowing that both you and Dad are so ill. But I know that the Lord is watching over you. I love you all so very much. You mean the world to me (haha, remember all the singers on American Idol?). Except I truly mean it. I hope you recover soon, I will have a special prayer for you.

I am sooo happy that Max had a good birthday party!! Did you let him know I would of been BOWSER!! haha. I miss him so much. I'm glad he had a good time with his friends.

TELL BRYANNA to write me... yo, I'm your homie bro! either email me or write me a letter, fool. Oh and I love ya :)

One of the best feelings that I have ever had in my life happened yesterday! Elder Kata and I had 8 investigators show up to sacrament!! I felt so happy to see them. I periodically looked at them during church, and they were all paying attention, and listening to what was happening. OH and get this. It was the Sunday that they talked about the Young Women's camp in Sacrament, so the young women and the leaders got up to talk, and all 8 of our investigators are in the young women age!! It was a tender mercy of the Lord. A great blessing for those investigators, looking for that thing that they are missing in their lives. I am loving it so much here. Beautiful and full of service. I am losing weight too. I weighed today, and I weigh 210, with all my proselyting clothes on. So not the best, but hey, it's going down :) Well I love you all, and please keep writing and emailing me :)


Elder Hadder 

* Michelle was hospitalized three days this week for complications from Round Three of A/C chemotherapy.