Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Baptisms in February 2014

Eric loved teaching on Guam in February:

Elder Johnson, Brother Adam Phillimon, Elder Gubler, Eric

Elder Johnson, Brother D'firstson Fiti, Eric

We received this letter from Eric:  

It all began when a Sr Couple, The MacCabes, asked us for some help on a potential investigator. The MacCabes are the Military Liaisons for the Micronesia Guam Mission. They had been working on the Anderson Air Force base. They told us there was a family that had accepted an opportunity for the Missionaries to be able to come and visit with them. 
First time I have gone on the Air Force base, I am excited to meet the family, The wife has been a member all her life and they have 2 beautiful children. My companion Elder Eyre and I are stoked to be able to teach an "American" family, We arrive, they welcome us in with hospitality. After a quick introduction we ask if we could open our discussion in a simple word of prayer. After the opening prayer I asked my first question that was the beginning of an amazing transformation...

"Brother Weingartner", starting confidently, "How big of a role does God play in your life?". His response was one that I had never heard in my entire experience as a missionary out on these islands... "Well, actually I don't believe in God."

After picking myself off the floor and scrambling in my mind as to what to say, I tried to follow the Spirit as best as possible. After several weeks later, and lessons within these weeks, I could start to see his heart soften and his (spiritual) eyes open. He started praying and seeing/feeling/hearing/experiencing "coincidences" almost on a daily basis. 

After a long time of fasting praying and hours spent studying specific lessons and scriptures, Brother Weingartner finally accepted to be baptized. Here are some pictures of his baptism. His wife and his 10th wedding anniversary will be on September 1st 2015. This is the date in which they plan on being sealed together in the Hawaii Temple. 

I have been so blessed to see this amazing miracle in my life. Here are some pictures of that beautiful day.