Saturday, June 22, 2013

Christmas Day 2012 Presents

When the Elders woke up, they opened their package from family:

We individually wrapped Eric's gifts so he could experience the fun of tearing open Christmas wrap.

 It was hard to figure out what to send. But we decided that since food is always a treat and appreciated, especially when so expensive on an island, we wrapped money and indicated the treat he could buy with it: 

With orange juice at $10 a gallon, this was a happy Missionary
We also sent a notebook with family pictures in it (including Eric's new bright red Kia Forte with the chrome sports package that he left at home for me to drive- zoom) and some favorite goodies from home:

Merry Christmas Eric! We sure miss you at home. But thanks to technology, we were able to skype with you and talk to you and hear your voice. We all ended up in tears at the end. But what a joy to connect with our son we are so proud of.